Cantonese opera was inscribed onto the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.  Maestro Mr. Yuen Siu Fai and his team present the unique characteristics of Cantonese opera through a modern drama.  An excerpt scene from the famous traditional opera “Two Heroic Families” will also be shown.  The drama will be presently mainly in English while the excerpt will be sung in Chinese.  Subtitles in English and Chinese are available throughout the performance.

Ticket: € 17.50
10 or more Tickets: €15.00 (p.p)

Information: +31 687101005

Monday 5th  Oct  Theater Zuidplein Rotterdam, from 7.30pm

Wednesday 7th Oct  Theater De Nieuwe Regentes, The Hague, from7.30pm

Thursday 8th Oct  Openbaar Bibliotheek, Amsterdam (Oosterdokstraat),


粵劇在2009年被聯合國教育、科學及文化組織列入《人類非物質文化遺產代表作名錄》。粵劇泰斗阮兆輝帶領專業戲劇精英以現代舞台劇形式介紹粵劇的特色。同場加演著名劇目「蓋世雙雄霸楚城之營房」選段。舞台劇之對白以英語為主而折子戲會以漢語演出。全場表演均配以中英文字幕。門票:€ 17.50

主辦單位:香港特別行政區政府駐布魯塞爾經濟貿易辦事處,新唐人街協會 詳情查詢:+31 687101005

10月5日 星期一,Theater Zuidplein 鹿特丹晚上7点30分

10月7日星期三,Theater De Nieuwe Regentes 海牙 晚上7点30分

10月8日 星期四,Openbaar Bibliotheek (Oosterdokstraat) 阿姆斯特丹晚上7点30分 /